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Classic car business with passion for Land Rovers, Defenders, Range Rovers & Fiat 500s. We travel the world, reviving these iconic cars!

It's these snowy days of the year, we seek warmth and comfort. By spending time with loved ones. We share, opportunities, stories, and experiences that have brought more joy to our day to day lives.Within the happiness of receiving, caring and giving, people aspire to make a spiritual connection with each other. Some stories may be short and simple, some long and complex, but we believe that in all of them, there is warmth and comfort, which inspires us to share the felt love with others.This festive season try to care for all, particularly those in need of warmth, and share stories that unite us all.
Details are always a part of our life no matter what we do, we become attracted to a certain perspective and for majority of us certain details become our drive and passion.1994 LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 300 TDIArles Blue over Alpine roof£69,500For more info visit our website or write a personal message.
From the roar of an engine to the sophisticated colors and restoration. We feel like you’re part of the adventure. But where’s the fun in embarking on an journey without sharing it with people who feel the same excitement? Travelling often leads to telling stories. We want to hear them as much as to create them!
The Defender name, despite its now legendary status, didn't appear until 1990, along with turbocharged diesel engines and five-speed gearboxes. The 200Tdi came first, while the 300Tdi and R380 followed in around 1994. The TD5 made its first appearance in 1999, then a Ford-sourced 2.4- and 2.2-litre diesel, along with a six-speed gearbox in 2006. Other than that, precious little changed. The windscreen remained flat, even the doors were the same size they had been since 1958. The chassis and body, although it changed length and mounting points for the suspension, stayed incredibly similar over those many, many years. 
Till today it is really fascinating how much resemblance and heritage every single Defender holds and we are proudly trying to share it with the world.Full article by Sam Purcell from Drive
One we sold back in November to MA, USA 🇺🇸. Arguably the ultimate RRC 2 Door spec. 3.9 V8, Manual, Eastnor Green, Teddy Bear Velour. Can’t beat it!
The high capacity pick up.
Ruby stone red, not quite the 964 RS limited edition but still, hell yeh! Spotted in Lech, Austria.
City or mud… they always look right 👌🏼
What’s better than one RRC 2 door 3.5L V8 EFI…. TWO RRC V8 EFI’s!
1991 200Tdi DEFENDER. Coming soon!
Thanks to @thecarcooler for handling this one. Nice and easy!
FOR SALE! Something a little different from the norm, both for us and BMW. A striking design that is considered to be one of the most beautiful BMW has been made by many. With that, it's a great pleasure to bring to market a BMW 850Ci E31 1993, fitted with the thundering M70 V 12 engine.Highly specified with heated seats, rear blind, sports mode, and adaptable suspension. Finished in Sterling Silver over special order dark OX blood, this particular vehicle was first registered on the 12th January 1994 at McMillan BMW of Newmarket Auckland, New Zealand. The vehicle has predominantly spent its entire life in Auckland, aside from a short stint in 2006 where the vehicle resided in Christchurch and was maintained by the main dealer whilst there. A well-documented and highly maintained vehicle with a comprehensive dealer and independent specialist stamped service book till 2006 and then a host of invoices after this. The vehicle is also accompanied by a comprehensive dealer book pack, which includes warranty wording, service book, user manual, radio manual, dealer business cards, and even an accident repair brochure from BMW from the 90s along with an unopened BMW first-aid kit and a factory tool kit. #bmw850ci #bmwforsale
“If everything seems under control - you are not going fast enough!” #goodwoodrevival
Gulf spec Defender 110 3.5 V8 1994 Cairns Blue LHD -  FOR SALE 😍🤌🏽
What are you going to purchase? #newcarsforsale #landroverforsale

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