Sold 1987 Land Rover 90 - 2.5D


Location: Yorkshire, England

Engine: 2.5TD 19J 

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual

Mileage: 49,000

Colour: Blue | Black Vinyl

Chassis Number: SALLDVAB8AA284784

USA Eligible: Matching Engine, Chassis & Gearbox



History of the Land Rover

The Land Rover Series range was launched in 1948 and the model, now known as the Defender, was launched in 1983 and the continuous run finished in January 2016, after 67 years. Land Rovers were inspired by the US-built Willys Jeep immediately after the war and by 1992 they claimed that 70% of all the vehicles they had ever built were still in use. The Defender and Series ranges have had unique international presence throughout the production run, having been exported, manufactured and produced under licence by a number of other manufacturers in a variety of markets, to include Australia, Southern and North Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan and Malaysia, to name just a few. In 1993 Land Rover decided to take the plunge into the US market after their successful launch of the Range Rover brand in 1987 in order to offer an upmarket alternative to the Jeep Wrangler targeted at adventurous buyers.  Land Rover finally had to retract their offering from the North American and Canadian markets in 1997 due to economic viability. The defenders offered in the US during the 90’s had to be significantly modified in comparison to Land Rover’s other export markets. Subsequent federal safety regulation amendments finally withdrew the defender from the US market entirely in 1997, with Land Rover throwing their attention towards upmarket Discovery and Range Rover models that were being built from the ground up.

The Car

This 1987 Land Rover 90 is in very original condition.  A true survivor having been unused for the last 12 years with its last Italian revision made on 6 July 2007 supporting the current mileage. Built in 1987 and first registered in Pisa Italy in 1989 to its first owner and subsequently sold to a Marco & Pratesi Giancarlo on 17th September 1997.  The vehicle is an Italian export built 90 from the Solihull England factory. Repatriated by ourselves back to the United Kingdom this year. It was found at Pisa’s Land Rover main dealer. Sitting unloved in their service centres carport. It’s a project vehicle however entirely running and driving.  The vehicle had been sitting for over a decade so we have been through the vehicle and replace several mechanical components and flushed the fluids and fuel in order to get the vehicle running well.  

It would make for a fantastic driveway project for any car enthusiast given how simple  these vehicles are to work on. I’m certain sacrificing a few weekends to do some simple jobs would inevitably reward you with a brilliant usable survivor Land Rover 90.

 At the bottom of this bio are some useful links to resources. I’ve attached a link to the Land Rover Classic Works website,  as many of these early original 90’s are already being remastered by Land Rover’s Heritage HQ.


The car comes unregistered with a  Italian export title for registration in purchases country. All UK VAT and duty obligations have been met and it can be registered with a UK V5C at buyer's request.



The interior is very original.  Possibly too original as the black vinyl seats have suffered some severe sun damage and unfortunately would need replacing as are unsalvageable. It should be noted that there is a variety of missing items such as ignition cowling, fuse board cover, Cigarette lighter, door handle release trim and a variety of door card fastening clips.  Alongside this there are areas of the dashboard that have suffered some sun damage and are cracked on the top vinyl surface. However the end handle on the dashboard is in superb condition, along with the rear door card and associated wiper motor casing which often gets left behind over the years. 

It’s also to be noted that there is a variety of non-functioning electrical elements, firstly a missing hazard switch, and an inoperable dash Binnacle. There are no lights showing so I imagine it’s entirely disconnected or there are several blown fuses. 


The exterior of the car is in a very complete condition. Underneath presents fantastically and it's evident that the vehicle has never been under sealed which is quite the testament to the condition of the chassis and outriggers which show only the very mildest of surface corrosion that one would expect. The rear cross member is in great condition These is a small hole on the RH bulkhead that can be seen in the gallery, however it has not spread anywhere else and is repairable. There is also a variety of exterior bulbs which are not functioning.  Most notably the rear fog on the left-hand side is missing its internal bulb holder.


The entire bodywork presents its original patina which is truly fabulous, such character.  Of course there is evidence of oxidisation in several areas and some panel damage on the passenger side front quarter. Overall the vehicle presents well.  The next owner has the option to either preserve or refinish the entire body.


This particular model is fitted with Land Rover original Ro-Style 16 inch steel wheels. They are wrapped in a set of average condition Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain tyres with a non matching Bridgestone spare. Being an Italian export spec 90 it  has the twin wheel carriers on both the bonnet and rear door.



The engine bay houses 19J 2.5TD  inline 4 engine - incredibly reliable motor that produces a strong power output of 83HP when compared  to other available units of the era. 

Gear Box

Fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox - changes freely in all gears.

Mechanical Overview

The vehicle had been sitting for in excess of a decade. Subsequently we  have had our technician go through the vehicle in order recommissioned the vehicle. Giving the future buyer more clarity of the current mechanical condition. 

 The following work has been carried out:

  • New heavy duty battery
  • Replacement of perished water hoses
  • New water pump fitted
  • New thermostat
  • Replacement reconditioned fuel pump
  • Associated gaskets
  • Replacement of wheel cylinders RH and LH
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Wiper blade
  • Hubcap
  • Flush fuel system
  • Flush coolant system and add new antifreeze
  • Flush brake fluid and add new DOT3&4

The vehicle has recently developed a squeak from one of the engines auxiliary belts.

Useful Links

Land Rover Works

Other Thoughts

The vehicle is fully US import compliant.

We are well acquainted with shipping Land Rover, Range Rovers and Classic Cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location.



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