SOLD 1982 LAND ROVER Series III “Lightweight”






Location: Bedford, England

Chassis Number: SALLBBAG2AA178059

Registration No: H00823

Engine: 2.25 10J Diesel

Transmission: Four-Speed Manual

Mileage: 8,405 Miles

Colour: Military Green| Black Vinyl Interior Seating


History of the Airportable Lightweight

In the early 1960s both the Royal Marines, then largely based aboard commando carriers, and the British Army required a vehicle that could be carried by air. They had taken delivery of the Westland Wessex helicopter, which could carry a 1,134 kg load slung beneath.

The smallest Land Rover available at the time was a Series IIA 88” wheelbase, which was too heavy. Land Rover began work on a lightweight version to fit the specifications in 1965. A new modification to the basic Series IIA was devised by making many body components easily detachable and removing many non-essential items. The result was the Land Rover Half-Ton, known widely as the Lightweight or Airportable. In practice, to reduce weight sufficiently for the helicopters of the day to lift them in combat conditions, the tilt (roof) and sticks, the upper parts of the body, the doors, and windscreen were removed, to be refitted later. The most significant change, however, was a reduction in width by 4 inches, by redesigning the standard Series IIA axles and fitting shorter half-shafts, which meant it would fit on a standard pallet.

Complete, the Lightweight IIA weighed 1,202 kg, over the specified weight. The term Lightweight appears misleading as a standard 88 Land Rover weighed 1,318 kg, but the higher total weight was due to the various frame reinforcement required for military usage. However, with the removable body panels taken off it was below the limit. Since improvements to the helicopters meant more lift was available, the MOD accepted it for use.

The first production models were completed on 11 November 1968, and production continued until 1984.

The Car

With our French Series III 109 Station Wagon now sold and heading to the vibrant Savannah, Ga. It would seem fitting that we quickly return with a Land Rover icon. It goes without saying that we are particularly excited about bringing a late Series III Airportable Lightweight to market. Land Rovers military vehicle variants are arguably some of the most resilient models produced. Believed to be a rare 24 V FFR model used as a radio vehicle. This model was first commissioned by the Danish Army in 1982. It was then later gifted to the Lithuanian Land Forces (LLF) under a joint Danish - Lithuanian project. The LLF was formed in 1991 to form the backbone of the countries defense force and form an integral part of NATO’s forces. Being a late model lightweight production vehicle, it represents a great usable military variant benefiting from later synchromesh gearbox, larger clutch plate, and Smith’s interior heater.

Overall the vehicle presents in great original shape. There is no evidence of any modifications from its original specification. The original matching numbers Diesel 2 ¼ engine starts with half a turn of the key. The Smiths heater quickly fires into life. The gearbox works through all gears precisely without hesitation. It’s evident that the vehicle has been well maintained, there is a selection of replacement engine components including a fuel pump. Both high and low range function without hesitation. The instrument dials also all function correctly. Structurally, the vehicle is very sound the footwells look to be original and don’t suffer any corrosion. The frame has certainly been under sealed during its time in the military, which has likely helped to preserve its condition. There is no evidence of any repair works to the frame, which is a true testament to the overall condition. 

In summary, this is a fantastic survivor condition Lightweight, that can be used and enjoyed straightaway.






Complete with foreign registration and export documents. The vehicle has been imported into the UK with both duty and VAT paid. For local buyers, a completed NOVA submission is accompanied with the sale for local UK registration.


The vehicle is fully US import compliant.

We are well acquainted with shipping Land Rover, Range Rovers, and classic cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada, and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location.

For US buyers we can offer the following inclusive shipping and customs clearance package:

  • Port Delivery

  • Sea Fright by RoRo from Southampton, UK Port to East Coast US Ports.

  • Export Customs Clearance

  • US Import Clearance & ISF filing, DOT/EPA Form Submission

Fee Price: $2,950.00 

This leaves you only responsible for paying US customs duty & customs bond to our US customs broker upon clearance of your vehicle from Baltimore port. We can arrange inland delivery to your driveway at an additional cost.

Note: Excludes US customs duty chargeable at 2.5% of vehicle value for passenger vehicles and customs bond chargeable at $4.50 per $1,000 of 3 x the value, along with cargo insurance and customs exam fees, If applicable.





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