Location: London, England

Chassis: SALLHBM33KA634543

Registration No: K855CBH (GB)

Engine: 4.2 V8 EFI Petrol

Transmission: Four-Speed Automatic

Mileage: 107,673 Miles

Colour: Plymouth Blue| Brown Leather Interior

Right Hand Drive



History of the Range Rover

The late 1960’s saw the emergence of the recreational off-road market led Land Rover to come up with a radically new competitor to the Jeep Wagoneer and the Ford Bronco. Land Rover passed on this challenge to Charles Spencer King, under the project title of “The 100 inch Station Wagon”.

It all started when Rover bought a Bronco and noticed the coiled suspension, this boosted the luxury element as gave improved performance and comfort. He also noted the powerful Buick V8. However, Mr. King gave the Range Rover several unique capabilities, improved carburettors that still fed fuel at extreme angles and the infamous started handle for emergencies.

It was launched in 1970 as “a car for all reasons”. The Range Rover was also the first permanent 4x4 to do over 100mph whilst having a towing capacity of 3.5 metric tons, accommodation for five, hydraulic disc brakes to all wheels and the groundbreaking dual-range, permanent four-wheel drive gear box.

A four door version was introduced in 1981, with the two door version phased out in 1994, it was then named the ‘Classic’ to differentiate from the all new P38a Range Rover.

The Car

With recent expenditure at Keith Gott in Alton Hampshire totaling over £9,000 this LSE is possibly the best maintained example currently available on the market today.

Finished in original Plymouth Blue with a Brown leather interior this long wheel base version was originally delivered to what was Woburn Land Rover Limited in Milton Keynes on the 26th April 1993, and was first registered to the first owners home in Battersea London. The vehicle was then later sold onto a gentleman not too far away in Barnes Southwest London. There are invoices held in the car’s history file, that document maintenance during each owners stewardship. Dating all the way back to 1996. The history file is a delight which even retains the majority of MOT certificates going back to the millennium.

The most recent keeper has recently carried out a comprehensive overhaul with marque specialist Keith Gott. This began with a comprehensive replacement of bushes, to include: anti-roll bar, engine mounts, lower suspension dumpers, steering bush dampers, drag link, ball joints and a rear axel A-frame ball joint. The front swivels where also rebuilt. The vehicle also then received new brake pipes and fuel lines and sender along with brand-new front brake calipers. The vehicle was comprehensively checked for leaks and the rear diff pan replaced along with rear transfer case output seal. The cam cover gasket was also replaced as part of the overhaul. The aforementioned is only some of the work that was undertaken.

At the point of the overhaul the owner took the decision to convert the air suspension onto coil springs and fit a new set of Good Year Wrangler tyres. The vehicle definitely shows a marked improvement both in terms of reliability and road handling.

Moving back to the history file it certainly tells a nice story. It would seem the vehicle was serviced by Barcelona’s main dealer Land Motors S.A in August 2001, possibly during a summer holiday to Spain’s Costa Brava coastline. Ironically the vehicle was diagnosed and repaired for a suspension fault during its visit to the dealer.

The original manuals and service book a present with the vehicle. The service book is completely full and documents annual/interval servicing beginning on 27/05/1993 by the delivering dealer Woburn Land Rover Limited at 1,427 miles up until 25/09/2010 where it was serviced by Bush Motor Engineering Ltd in West Sussex at 99,785 miles. Thereafter Elliot Engineering maintain the vehicle also based in West Sussex with their most recent invoice dating November 2012 for routine maintenance. From 2013 to 2017 the vehicle is then not used evident by the MOT history. However, in 2017 was then put back into use with independent Land Rover specialist Jack Wright Ltd carrying out a service along with fitting a stainless steel exhaust system.

Overall, it is an exquisite example indeed that presents well and undoubtedly usable. Benefiting from much future proofing for years to come.





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