SOLD 1988 Range Rover Classic 2 Door 2.4TD


Location: Inbound to Marshall, Virginia, USA

Chassis:  SALLHABE8FA354743 

Engine: 2.4 VM Diesel

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual 

Mileage: 124,274 Miles

Colour:  Chamonix White | Beige Teddy Bear Interior

Left Hand Drive



For Sale via our Commonwealth Classics Partnership

We are always thinking of new ways to bring our classics closer to the people that love them most. By partnering with like-minded businesses we can do just that. As so many petrol heads do these days, we met scrolling each others feeds on Instagram admiring the universal language of cars.

Bill, owner of Commonwealth Classics, and Sam, founder of Samuel Lloyd & Co, spent a good 12 months bouncing ideas back and forth across the Atlantic pond. Being in Europe we are fortunate to be at the epicentre of British and European classic cars, however the one thing we lack is the platform to show off these awesome cars to US buyers.

Thats where Commonwealth Classics step in. The partnership sees a selection of Samuel Lloyd & Co’s inventory (The A-List) head stateside to be titled and displayed for sale in Commonwealth Classics Virginia showroom. We share a mutual interest in bringing classic cars to a global stage and this partnership aims to further build on this.

The price you see for any of our Commonwealth Classics Partnership cars is for a US titled fully legally imported vehicle.


As part of our commitment to look after our world 2% of every car sale goes towards supporting Cool Earth and their rainforest partners. Cool Earth works alongside rainforest communities globally to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. There's no obligation, but if you think the same way we do why not match or better our pledge by clicking the following link: The Samuel Lloyd & Co Cool Earth Fund

History of the Range Rover

The late 1960’s saw the emergence of the recreational off-road market led Land Rover to come up with a radically new competitor to the Jeep Wagoneer and the Ford Bronco. Land Rover passed on this challenge to Charles Spencer King, under the project title of “The 100 inch Station Wagon”. 

It all started when Rover bought a Bronco and noticed the coiled suspension, this boosted the luxury element as gave improved performance and comfort. He also noted the powerful Buick V8. However, Mr. King gave the Range Rover several unique capabilities, improved carburettors that still fed fuel at extreme angles and the infamous started handle for emergencies. 

It was launched in 1970 as “a car for all reasons”. The Range Rover was also the first permanent 4x4 to do over 100mph whilst having a towing capacity of 3.5 metric tons, accommodation for five, hydraulic disc brakes to all wheels and the groundbreaking dual-range, permanent four-wheel drive gear box. 

A four door version was introduced in 1981, with the two door version phased out in 1994, it was then named the ‘Classic’ to differentiate from the all new P38a Range Rover. 

The Car

This particular example is a 1988 2 door Range Rover, a classic from the late 80’s. This one owner, left hand drive vehicle is a genuine factory original 2 door Range Rover, having come off the production line at Solihull. This vehicle is structurally in excellent condition. Import from La Rioja, Spain from its original owner, its has remained under its first owners stewardship within the same town that it was first registered in.

The Range Rover Classic has  become an excellent usable classic which will continue to go up in value, as availability becomes forever scarce. The vehicle drives really well and has been well maintained by its single owner, it's in impeccable condition when considered the current mileage, which is evidently due to its single owner. It is complete with its entire beige interior which is rarely found, having the original rear parcel shelf still in place. The headliner has replaced by the original owner, this is a common fault amongst these vehicles. The dashboard and steering wheel are in good condition with all accessories functioning properly. 

It should be noted there was a legal change of title owner from the original father to son in 2013 however remained the use of the father. Alongside this it should be noted that the Carfax illustrates a mileage discrepancy between 2014 and 2015. Upon inspection by our technician we have investigated the binnacle have found it to be faulty and currently not clocking up and at its current 200,000 so have reconditioned it.



Overall, the car is in fantastic original and unmolested condition and the body is comprised of entirely original factory fitted panels that carry a substantial amount of original paint. However, it is evident  there has been periodic panels refinished. Notably the rear quarters. Please refer to the photo gallery for additional information. This is a fantastic survivor vehicle and I would encourage any purchaser to maintain the vehicle as is  to cherish and enjoy. 


The car has  a substantial amount of original paintwork in a Range Rover classic colour of Chamonix white, there are minor imperfections, notably on the rear tailgate,  some hail or conquer dents on the roof, and a small dent on the front driver side fender and rear driver side quarter has a minor fold below the filler cap. It is evident from inspection both rear quarters have been refinished in the past, however to a good standard.


The car has a full set of ‘Rostyle’ wheels, that we have refinished in the original satin silver. Completed with a matching set of new Bridgestone Dueler tyres. 


The seats are in the rarely found beige interior cloth and the bolsters are still firm. The rear bench has experienced minimal usage and all cloth is still intact. There is no cigarette burns or notable damage to any of the seats. However please inspect the photos for clarity.

Steering Wheel

The car features the original Range Rover Land Rover two spoke steering wheel which in good condition and is indicative of the mileage covered.



The engine runs really well for a 2.4 VM and the clutch is positively light and responsive with a very low biting point. From observation the mechanics and engine have been very well looked after by the single owner and there are many new auxiliary parts under the bonnet. All making for a lovely drive in the late 80s 2 Door. On inspection our mechanic noticed a radiator leak and has subsequently had the radiator recored this is a vital measure  for any VM engine due to their cooling requirements, while this was carried out we also flushed the system and added fresh antifreeze. We have also changed the shock absorber bushings which were worn and have been through the entire vehicle to ensure all necessary remedial maintenance work has been carried out. 

Gear Box

The Range Rover has the 5-speed manual box with Reverse and all the gears change freely without interference. There is no crunching from any synchromesh including reverse. 


The accompanying documentation, paperwork and provenance for this vehicle is very good.. The car is accompanied by its original Range Rover Spanish user manual that illustrates all elements of the vehicle. Alongside the car is also accompanied with its original Austin Rover Spanish technical inspection logbook that documents the cars technical specification this is complete with every state technical inspection from its first test year in 1988 up until March 2018. The vehicle also comes with a English translated Spanish Carfax report.  

Useful Links

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Other Thoughts

UK registration with a UK Log Book can be arranged at request, although the car currently has a Spanish export registration (Permiso de Circulación) ready for registration in buyers chosen country, either EU or other. 

The vehicle has an up-to-date ITV (MOT) stamp certificate (Permiso de Circulación), and comes complete with a Carfax certificate for proof of previous owners, mileage check and further history etc. We are happy to provide registration documentation and Carfax on request. 

We are well acquainted with shipping Range Rovers and classic cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location to assist with customs clearance.



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