NEW "Fast Moving" 1991 Range Rover Classic 2 Door 2.5TD



Location: Barcelona, Spain

Chassis: SALLHABN8HA605429

Engine: 2.5 VM Diesel

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual 

Mileage: 183,960 Miles

Colour: Trocadero Red | Beige/Tan

Left Hand Drive



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History of the Range Rover

The late 1960’s saw the emergence of the recreational off-road market led Land Rover to come up with a radically new competitor to the Jeep Wagoneer and the Ford Bronco. Land Rover passed on this challenge to Charles Spencer King, under the project title of “The 100 inch Station Wagon”.

It all started when Rover bought a Bronco and noticed the coiled suspension, this boosted the luxury element as gave improved performance and comfort. He also noted the powerful Buick V8. However, Mr. King gave the Range Rover several unique capabilities, improved carburettors that still fed fuel at extreme angles and the infamous started handle for emergencies.

It was launched in 1970 as “a car for all reasons”. The Range Rover was also the first permanent 4x4 to do over 100mph whilst having a towing capacity of 3.5 metric tons, accommodation for five, hydraulic disc brakes to all wheels and the groundbreaking dual-range, permanent four-wheel drive gear box.

A four door version was introduced in 1981, with the two door version phased out in 1994, it was then named the ‘Classic’ to differentiate from the all new P38a Range Rover.

The Car

This 1991 Range Rover 2 Door was delivered by Austin Rover Espana S.A to Madrid and first registered on 25th June 1991. The first owner subsequently kept the vehicle for some 17 years, since then it's had 3 subsequent owners till 2020. In summary it's a highly original structurally sound truck that although it's complete will require light mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment to bring it up to a usable standard. 

The vehicle forms part of our latest "Fast Moving" vehicle range. These vehicles are brought to you at a more competitive price point and are intended for buyers looking for a project base. If you're looking to restore a car or carry out a restomod these vehicles could be the perfect fit for you. 



Overall, the bodywork is very original. There are several dents and the vehicle is by no means a show winner. It's refreshing to see a Spanish delivered RRC that's not had substantial amounts of paint or bodywork over its lifetime. The rear tailgate looks to have certainly been repainted at some point in the past. It was certainly not the result of rust but more likely a parking injury. 


The Range Rover carries the majority of its original paint, however there are sections such as the rear tailgate that have received paint work over its lifetime. Having been finished from the factory in one of Rover's 90s metallic colours of Trocadero Red, the Spanish sunshine has begun to do its best on the Range Rovers metallic clearcoat. There is clear signs of lack feel on both the bonnet and roof, and more mild peeling on the drivers door. There's also some deep scratches on the drivers door and rear nearside quarter. 


The car has a full set of 5 ‘Rostyle’ wheels showing light signs of age. However, they look to be carrying their original satin finish. Minor marks are present. The vehicle is completed with a matching set of new Bridgestone Dueler tyres.


The front seats are in good condition, there is only mild splitting to the piping on the driver bolster. Although the upholstery is in good condition the driver and passenger seat padding is worn and has lost its firmness. Although the rear bench has received little use it unfortunately has two small tears likely from carrying luggage on it. Importantly all the delicate palomino plastic panels are still in place. 

The door cards are in good condition along with the door handles, unfortunately there is some cracking in the top driver side door card, from sun exposure. The dashboard presents in very good condition,There's only one auxiliary dashboard hole that's been made on the left hand side of the drive steering wheel. There is no evidence of the lower air-conditioning panel separating on the offside corner, which is all too common. The centre console is unfortunately in quite worn condition from constant arm resting, and has a variety of tech screws fitted to improve its rigidity.  Lastly there are some missing boot area components including the parcel shelf and spare wheel cover.

Steering wheel

The car features the original Range Rover Land Rover two spoke steering wheel, Which presents in good condition with the exception of a slight nick to the rubberised surface adjacent to the right hand side spoke.



The engine runs very well, delivering power smoothly throughout the rev range. Note there is a small coolant leak, the vehicle hasn’t been used for around a year on public roads. This leak will need addressing before the vehicle is used more extensively. Secondly there is a leak for the front differential pan cover. It's also advisable this is rectified before the Range Rover takes on any long road trips or off roading. Lastly it's also evident that the steering damper is worn and needs replacing as the vehicle begins to wobble at higher speeds.

Gear Box

The Range Rover has the 5-speed manual LT77 box with reverse and all the gears change freely without crunching or grinding from any synchromesh including reverse. One notable issue is the vagueness of the gear selection. This is likely a failed or broken biased spring plate, this is a inexpensive part, that sits above the gearbox between the gear selector within the centre console.


Structurally the vehicle is excellent having remained in Madrid within central Spain all of its life. The photos speak to themselves, there is only the lightest of surface corrosion on certain areas of the frame. However all the integral body mounts are in outstanding condition.


The car is accompanied with its original Austin Rover Spanish technical inspection logbook that documents the car’s technical specification. The car’s last technical inspection (ITV) in Spain was in 2019 and since then has remained unused. The vehicle also comes with an English translated Spanish DGT history report.  

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Other Thoughts

The vehicle is supplied with a Spanish export registration (Permiso de Circulación) ready for registration in buyers' chosen country, either EU or other. 

The vehicle has an ITV (MOT) stamp certificate (Permiso de Circulación), and comes complete with a Spanish DGT History report certificate for proof of previous owners, mileage check and further history etc. We are happy to provide registration documentation and reports on request. 

We are well acquainted with shipping Range Rovers and classic cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location to assist with customs clearance.

For US buyers we can offer the following inclusive shipping and customs clearance package: 

Port Delivery 

  • Sea Fright by RoRo from Southampton Port to Baltimore Port 

  • Export Customs Clearance

  • US Import Clearance & ISF filing, DOT/EPA Form Submission and Customs Bond 

Fee Price: $2,650.00 

This leaves you only responsible for paying US Customs Duty to our US customs broker upon clearance of your vehicle from Baltimore port. We can arrange inland delivery to your driveway at an additional cost.


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