Location: Barcelona, Spain

Chassis: SALLHABN8HA608304

Registration No: BI 3274 BJ

Engine: 2.5 VM Diesel

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual 

Mileage: 182,400 Miles

Colour:  Beluga Back | Beige Teddy Bear Interior

Left Hand Drive



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History of the Land Rover

The Land Rover Series range was launched in 1948 and the model, now known as the Defender, was launched in 1983 and the continuous run finished in January 2016, after 67 years. Land Rovers were inspired by the US-built Willys Jeep immediately after the war and by 1992 they claimed that 70% of all the vehicles they had ever built were still in use. The Defender and Series ranges have had unique international presence throughout the production run, having been exported, manufactured and produced under licence by a number of other manufacturers in a variety of markets, to include Australia, Southern and North Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan and Malaysia, to name just a few.  In 1993 Land Rover decided to take the plunge into the US market after their successful launch of the Range Rover brand in 1987 in order to offer an upmarket alternative to the Jeep Wrangler targeted at adventurous buyers. Land Rover finally had to retract their offering from the North American and Canadian markets in 1997 due to economic viability. The Defenders offered in the US during the 90’s had to be significantly modified in comparison to Land Rover’s other export markets. Subsequent federal safety regulation amendments finally withdrew the Defender from the US market entirely in 1997, with Land Rover throwing their attention towards upmarket Discovery and Range Rover models that were being built from the ground up.

The Car

This 1991 Range Rover 2 Door was delivered by Austin Rover España S.A to Madrid and first registered in Barcelona on 7th August 1991. The first owner subsequently kept the vehicle for some 27 years, before selling the vehicle to the second owner in October 2018. Its subsequently had 2 owners since. Making it a 3 owner vehicle. In summary it's a very together and complete package that’s structurally in sound condition. Although complete there is a host of mechanical, cosmetic and some smaller structural restoration work to be done in order to bring the vehicle up to a good usable standard for either daily or weekend use.

 The vehicle forms part of our latest "Fast Moving" vehicle range. These vehicles are brought to you at a more competitive price point and are intended for buyers looking for a project base. If you're looking to restore a car or carry out a resto-mod, these vehicles could be the perfect fit for you.

 Given its completeness and Beluga Black finish it would be an ideal base for a CSK replica build or even a candidate to restore back to it its original Trocadero red finish.



The exterior presents in complete condition, there are knocks and scratches and notable panel damage to right hand side of the bonnet.


The exterior body work has been painted only a few years ago in a newer Beluga Black Land Rover finish. The original red paint is evident under the carpets, in the trunk boot, bonnet area and on the undercarriage of the vehicle. The respray has been carried out to an average standard and would benefit from being repainted.


Original RoStyle wheels are fitted with a matching set of Bridgestone Duelers tyres. The spare wheel is the original RoStyle wheel.


The vehicle has a Beige Teddy Bear interior. It presents very well with the all to rare and usually damaged palomino plastic panels still in place, and generally free of cracks and damage. It’s also complimented by an original matching parcel shelf, spare wheel cover and tools curtain.


The original steering wheel is fitted and shows minimum wear and tear. With no cuts or notable sun damage.



The steering pump needs addressing as maneuvering becomes heavy at low speeds. Likely requires the box to be rebuilt


The engine runs very well, delivering power smoothly throughout the rev range. However, it can be hesitant to start from cold. Once warm it starts with ease. There is white smoke upon start-up, but once the vehicle starts running, this fades out.


The Range Rover has the 5-speed manual LT77 box with reverse and all the gears change freely without crunching or grinding from any synchromesh including reverse. 


Structurally the vehicle is fundamentally solid. With a sound frame and crossmember. The inner and outer sills are generally in good condition although have penetrated corrosion on the outer corners on both sides of the vehicle. This is certainly repairable without replacing the whole sills. There is also corrosion on the inner archers both front and rear. Along with some heavy penetrated corrosion under the front battery trays. These weaknesses are likely due to the vehicle having spent some time in Burgos to North of the Spanish Peninsula, although registered during that time in Barcelona Catalonia.


Range Rover Classic Brochure

Range Rover Reborn


The vehicle currently has a Spanish export registration (Permiso de Circulación) ready for registration in buyers chosen country, either EU or other.

The vehicle has an up-to-date ITV (MOT) stamp certificate (Permiso de Circulación), and comes complete with a Carfax or DGT certificate for proof of previous owners, mileage checks and further history etc. We are happy to provide registration documentation and Carfax reports on request.

We are well acquainted with shipping Range Rovers and classic cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location to assist with customs clearance.

For US buyers we can offer the following inclusive shipping and customs clearance package:

  • Port Delivery

  • Sea Fright by RoRo from Barcelona Port to East Coast US Ports.

  • Export Customs Clearance

US Import Clearance & ISF filing, DOT/EPA Form Submission and Customs Bond

Fee Price: $2,950.00

This leaves you only responsible for paying US Customs Duty to our US customs broker upon clearance of your vehicle from Baltimore port. We can arrange inland delivery to your driveway at an additional cost.

Note: Excludes US Customs duty, chargeable at 2.5% of vehicle value for passenger vehicles, along with cargo insurance and customs exam fees, If applicable.




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