SOLD 1990 Range Rover Classic 2 Door 2.4 TD





Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Chassis: SALLHABN8GA445534

Registration No: LE-3465 (ES)

Engine: 2.5 VM Diesel

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual

Mileage: 195,607 Miles

Colour: Eastnor Green | Teddy Bear Velour

Left Hand Drive




History of the Range Rover

The late 1960’s saw the emergence of the recreational off-road market led Land Rover to come up with a radically new competitor to the Jeep Wagoneer and the Ford Bronco. Land Rover passed on this challenge to Charles Spencer King, under the project title of “The 100 inch Station Wagon”.

It all started when Rover bought a Bronco and noticed the coiled suspension, this boosted the luxury element as it gave improved performance and comfort. He also noted the powerful Buick V8. However, Mr. King gave the Range Rover several unique capabilities, improved carburetors that still fed fuel at extreme angles and the infamous starter handle for emergencies.

It was launched in 1970 as “a car for all reasons”. The Range Rover was also the first permanent 4x4 to do over 100mph whilst having a towing capacity of 3.5 metric tons, accommodation for five, hydraulic disc brakes to all wheels and the groundbreaking dual-range, permanent four-wheel drive gearbox.

A four-door version was introduced in 1981, with the two-door version phased out in 1994, it was then named the ‘Classic’ to differentiate from the all new P38a Range Rover.

The Car

This 1990 Range Rover 2 Door was delivered by Austin Rover Espana S.A to Madrid and first registered on 08/03/1990. There is only one recorded change of owner on the vehicle documentation on 14/09/2000. The second owner has since kept the vehicle up until September 2019. Where the vehicle was then repatriated by ourselves back to the UK. The vehicle benefits from the later 2.5 iterations of the turbo-diesel VM engine which adds durability, better cooling, and increased power. The vehicle was originally delivered from the factory in Eastnor Green and has received a comprehensive exterior body renovation in the original factory paint scheme of Land Rover Eastnor Green LRC419.

The vehicle is mechanically and structurally sound and represents a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of two-door range rovers. In essence, this is your two-door Range Rover starter kit.



The exterior bodywork presents in near perfect condition having received a comprehensive exterior body restoration in the factory paints scheme. There are no visible, dents, scratches, or scarves. A replacement set of vinyl pillars have been fitted, along with new Range Rover Decals. Exterior also benefits from replacement bumpers and light lenses.


The interior is very original. With a very complete interior, including rear parcel shelf, door cards, seat trim, and carpeting. Importantly the center console is in very fine condition, which is often an area that deteriorates poorly.


This particular model is fitted with Range Rover original 16-inch Ro-Style Wheels. The wheels are fitted with a matching set of Bridgestone dueler tires.



The engine bay houses the 2.5VM turbo diesel inline 4 engine. It is running well with no adverse problems.


Fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox - changes freely in all gears


Mechanically the vehicle is in good condition, there is some mild evidence of perishing on some bushings. However, nothing needs eminent attention.


Structurally the chassis is in excellent condition. The outriggers and rear cross member are all in great condition, as all the sills. Both axles are in incredibly original condition. The vehicle has been under seal by ourselves in order to protect the frame and axles from corrosion. However, we can provide pictures of the vehicle's underbody prior to the underseal being carried out, for peace of mind.


The car is accompanied by its original Range Rover Spanish user manual that illustrates all elements of the vehicle. Alongside the car is also accompanied with its original Austin Rover Spanish technical inspection logbook that documents the car's technical specification this is complete with state technical inspection from 1996 to 2019. The vehicle also comes with an English-translated Spanish Carfax report.


Range Rover Classic Brochure

Range Rover Reborn


The vehicle currently has a Spanish export registration (Permiso de Circulación) ready for registration in buyers chosen country, either EU or other.

The vehicle has an up-to-date ITV (MOT) stamp certificate (Permiso de Circulación), and comes complete with a Carfax or DGT certificate for proof of previous owners, mileage checks and further history etc. We are happy to provide registration documentation and Carfax reports on request.

We are well acquainted with shipping Range Rovers and classic cars worldwide, with regular shipments to Dubai, Canada and the USA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss import costs, shipping costs, or for a recommended shipping agent in your location to assist with customs clearance.

For US buyers we can offer the following inclusive shipping and customs clearance package:

  • Port Delivery

  • Sea Fright by RoRo from Barcelona Port to East Coast US Ports.

  • Export Customs Clearance

  • US Import Clearance & ISF filing, DOT/EPA Form Submission

Fee Price: $2,950.00

This leaves you only responsible for paying US Customs Duty to our US customs broker upon clearance of your vehicle from Baltimore port. We can arrange inland delivery to your driveway at an additional cost. 

Note: Excludes US customs duty chargeable at 2.5% of vehicle value for passenger vehicles and customs bond chargeable at $4.50 per $1,000 of 3 x the value, along with cargo insurance and customs exam fees, If applicable.




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