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SamInspiration Officer
Sam is a mad, proud half Kiwi/ half Scot, born and raised in South West London. He's an obsessive traveller, with an intrepid passion for overland experiences. After school Sam pursued a career with a start-up events company. During this time, he found his love of combining cars and travel which took him to Italy in search of two Fiat 500’s.

A year later, whilst studying Real Estate at University, Sam founded his niche classic car business, which combined both of his passions - cars and travel. He is also an avid fundraiser for the charity ‘Cool Earth’ and can often be found swinging a 7 iron on a links course.

“I can’t think of many better things than chilling out in my flip-flops whilst sipping on an ice-cold beer. You love the cold ones but live for the warm ones”

Favourite car of all time – Late Porsche 356 or early 911/912
MaxSales and Digital Wizard
Two wheels, four wheels, engines… Max has always been fascinated with making and selling things, from making a three metre long model of a Supermarine Spitfire, to building his own motorcycle. Nothing makes him happier than tinkering in the shed.

Nothing is impossible when you're talking to Maximilian and that's why we love him. When he's not living his day-to-day dream, he can be found fishing with his family in Norway, or wishing he was back driving through the Sahara...

His love of cars, technology and the great outdoors put Max’s videography at the forefront of any adventure. He and Sam bonded over travel stories and quickly forged a strong friendship whilst studying at Oxford Brookes University.

“Remember nothing is impossible”

Favourite car of all time – Ferrari 250 GTO
ZakOperations Guru
Zak is a born and bred Yorkshireman with a passion for Landys. Matchbox cars were the extent of his collection but at age 13, his Land Rover Series III took center stage. Zak’s love for Defenders continued to grow and at the age of 20 his daily became a 110.

Zak has an infectious sense of humor and embraces all of life's adventures. The most unlikely word you’ll hear from Zak is “No”. He’s a team player and goes out of his way to support others. The partnership with Sam was forged whilst studying his final year of Real Estate.

“I may look like I’ve not left my own back garden compared to Sam, but don’t be fooled, I’ve done my fair share of overland expeditions”

Favourite car of all time – Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6


The real journey began in 2014 when Sam bought his first car, but this was no ordinary car. It was an Italian, rear engine, left hand drive classic - a Fiat 500 Cinquecento.  

This was the defining moment in which classic cars captured his imagination, and with it came the realisation that these cars could become part of everyday life.
Sam Halligan:
Sam Halligan:
We are not going to confess to being the undisputed kings of sourcing or repositioning the most prized classic cars. We do, however, strive to uncover forgotten gems that haven't yet reached their full potential. These cars shouldn’t be put on a pedestal, but rather driven and enjoyed.
Our mission is to connect classic car enthusiasts and lifestyle buyers with attainable classics and further improve the global classic car community through market awareness and connectivity.

Our values demand that we be curious, self-aware, enthusiastic and kind. We say “yes” to instamoutable challenges because it’s in our blood to push further.

We go the extra mile because we are individually and collectively entrepreneurial, always asking ourselves why can’t it be done.

We embrace team and collaboration, making us stronger because of it. We believe the difference between average and great is to listen, understand and be transparent. Honesty and integrity are at the core of our values.

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